2 556 210 HUFhas been raised for the Autistic Art Foundation

The Autistic Art Foundation

A foundation where autism and art meet

A mission to improve the life conditions and acceptance of autistic people

Exactly ten years have passed since the Autistic Art Foundation declared its mission: to provide support and 10 board homes for autistic children and adults who are not capable of independent living. As a partner of the foundation, Telekom requests you to support this mission.

Specific support

The Autistic Art Foundation provides help tailored to the specific needs of autistic people. people.

Development disorders and integration difficulties of autistic youngsters can be significantly reduced in an adequate physical and private environment, along with a treatment tailored to their abilities and personalities.

Art therapy for the development of autistic youngsters

A therapy that focuses on the youngsters’ creative abilities instead of their limits

The foundation launched its drawing sessions under the guidance of fine artist Hajnalka Tarr in 2010. Today, the art therapy sessions are provided in 6 board homes with the participation of 60 youngsters, as a result of which the foundation has a collection of nearly 10 000 drawings prepared by autistic artists.

When art is the only way of self-expression

For many youngsters, these therapies provide the only opportunity to show their inner world.

A major outcome of the art program was the discovery of young autistic artists who are not able to live an independent life because of mid-severe or severe disabilities but possess extraordinary visual talents they can only express with creative drawings.

Art for board homes

The creations of autistic artist are a significant contribution to the foundation’s existence and activities

Some drawings that the young artists prepare at the sessions are displayed at exhibitions organized by the foundation. The most exciting artworks are sold at auctions to support the board homes. The most outstanding graphics are used as images for the Autistic Art products, the Foundation’s proprietary brand.

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