3 859 500 HUFhas been raised for the Autistic Art Foundation

We are unstoppable together

Our charity initiative is made possible by our partners who play a distinctive role in social responsibility.

Like in the previous years, we highly appreciate the contribution of the Sustainability Media Club and Hungarian Instagram Societys our cooperation partners.
Furthermore, blogs with open-minded audiences also joined our initiative: Allergia és életmód, Aranytepsi (Golden Pan), Ági kicsi világa (Ági’s Little World), Bonnie konyhája (Bonnie’s Kitchen), Egy különleges világ (An Extraordinary World), Édességlabor (Sweets Lab), Minamole, Nagybetűs Élet (Real Life), Sütiző (Cookies Place), Sweethome.

Giving is good – giving together is even better

We request your support every year so that we can jointly help.

It was seven years ago that we launched our Charity Cookie Initiative where Telekom employees and members of the Sustainability Media Club can support our charity activities by selling home-made cookies.

Cookies for a good cause

A small cookie can be a big help with the power of the community

The cookies we had made on the Charity Cookie Day were used for on-site fundraising, and then you also could send the Charity Cookie photos as digital greeting cards to your loved ones. For each postcard sending we donated 100 HUF to the Autistic Art Foundation.

This year we added extra action to our initiative

Helping on Instagram was made easier, and we also created a new opportunity to donate.

This Christmas we expanded the # social donation we had created last year: we requested you to show us the activities you are unstoppable at, and share a related picture on Instagram using the hashtag #mindenkibelead.

In addition, you could contribute to the donations by buying a smartphone on the three weekends before Christmas.