2 556 210 HUFhas been raised for the Autistic Art Foundation

How can you help?

We helped together on the Telekom Charity Cookie Day

In December 2018, we organized our traditional Charity Cookie event once again.

Telekom Hungary and T-Systems Hungary employees along with members of the Sustainability Media Club raised funds with home-made cookies.

By sending a greeting card

You helped by sending a cookie greeting card

Your holiday greetings contributed to the charity fund raising!

You could send the Charity Cookie photos as digital greeting cards to your friends and loved ones, and Telekom donated 200 HUF to the Autistic Art Foundation for each postcard sent.

With a hashtag

You helped with photos

You showed what you are unstoppable at

You showed on Instagram what you are unstoppable at, and we donated 200 HUF to the Autistic Art Foundation for each post that included the hashtag #mindenkibelead.

Instagram crash course

Are you new to Instagram? A couple of minutes, and you will know everything.

Instagram is a most simple application for taking and sharing photos. It’s similar to Facebook but it focuses on images. If you download the application, you will find step-by-step instructions on how you can take, format and share your photos, or how you can follow other users. All you need is a smartphone and high-quality mobile net.

Public or private profile

With this setting you can decide who can see your photos.

As a default setting, everybody can access to your photos on Instagram. But if you select a private setting, only your followers can see your contents.
To join the charity initiative, you had to upload your photos from a public profile. This was the only way you could contribute to the donation by posting your photos.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are search definitions marked with a pound symbol (hash). They help users perform searches through the photos.

#forexample #this. Typing the # symbol followed by a keyword (e.g.: Christmas, shoes, cactus etc.) that relates to the photo you post on Instagram will help others find your photo easier.

How to use?

Take a photo, add a hashtag and post it!

The hashtag that our charity initiative used was #mindenkibelead. Therefore, if you added this to the photo you posted, everybody could find it.