Thank you very much for your contribution – we have jointly raised 4 000 000 HUF for the Autistic Art Foundation. The fund-raising period is finished now, but you can certainly send postcard and Christmas wishes to your family, friends, and business partners.

The photos were taken at Telekom’s Adni jó! (Giving Is Good!) Charity Event where we were selling cookies that our colleagues and the Sustainability Media Club members had prepared to raise funds for the Autistic Art Foundation.

The fundraising action was closed on 27th December 2016 at 24:00.

Thank you very much
for your contribution, which helped raise 4 000 000 HUF!

About the Autistic Art Foundation

The Autistic Art Public Benefit Foundation has been providing help for persons with development disorders since September 2006. In the board homes supported by the Foundation youngsters are provided with health care and supervision services, and this means composure and a positive future vision for them and their families as well.

Currently the Foundation provides contemporary art therapy sessions – that are unique in Hungary – in six board homes. The young participants look forward to each session with enormous excitement where their openness and cooperativeness significantly improve.